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Markets are becoming increasingly saturated; it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve innovative depth – these factors require companies to rethink. Promising success is the cooperation between companies, which can promote the exchange of lateral thinking and know-how. In this way, trends such as individual product solutions and integrated design can also be served in the future.

As one of the oldest manufacturers of bicycle components, we are able to rely on specialised know-how and accumulated experience and also deal with all the processes along the value chain on one site. The short reaction time resulting from this increases our flexibility in the innovation process and the opportunity to react quickly to changes. In addition, problems can be uncovered at short notice and be eliminated swiftly by working closely together.  

Cooperative projects so far have brought about great and, above all, individual results, which are beneficial to all of our cooperation partners.

In the following, we would like to show you an extract of our projects so far.

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We started a first-rate cooperation with one of Britain's most successful and innovative children's bike manufacturers. The mission was to find a chain guard for a particularly high-class children's bike. Something especially "childproof", preventing anything from entering the drive chain or pinion whilst also having a light physical and visual design. Something virtually indestructible that would still fulfil the high demands of the US market in terms of non-toxic materials. The finished result is the Chainglider, customised to meet the specific requirements. Project costs were able to be kept very low by virtue of the close co-operation and product price could be individualised.




A project in which complex requirements were able to be completed within a very short space of time. The request was to design a sturdy rear stand exclusively for Cube bikes which attaches to the frame in a completely novel way. At the same time it needed to meet the customer's high standards of quality and should be appropriate for all the manufacturer's frame types. The finished product is the proud result of a global co-operation between developers and manufacturers of frames or accessories.




A manufactured product was adapted within the innovative drive concept. Chainbar is flexibly manufactured in-house, consequently many customised solutions are feasible - even for small quantities.


epowered by Bosch

The close co-operation with a market-leading manufacturer of e-bike drives posed a special challenge as all product sectors require customised product innovations for every generation.

Design and development incl.:

  • A chain guard for the 2014 model generation. Colour and shape blend perfectly with the motor unit and the special shape also provides clearance to the extreme course of the chain in hub gear systems and derailleurs.
  • The highlight is an motorbracket* with integrated holder for fitting centrally mounted stands. An absolute novelty in bicycles with a mid-mounted motor, came about through a close cooperation with frame producers from Asian and presented as an open-source version.

* Motorbracket Hebie XB14 is available for all OEM customers of Bosch.


Our product groups

The widest stand range of the world from the most experienced stand expert of the world. A product range with solutions for any purpose and demand.


HEBIE developed its first clip-on mudguard more than 30 years ago. The number of available Hebie mudguards has multiplied since then. What remains is VIPER - the original.

Stay clean.

Hebie chainguards - the symbiosis of approved tradition and modern elegance. The Hebie chainguard range ensures that you will get the perfect chainguard for any bike.

Stay clean.

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