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Tradition Meets Modern

We have been making bicycles into a means of transport for more than 100 years and have acquired and preserved a vast fund of knowledge through numerous patented inventions in the specific areas we serve.

Even as early as the 1980s, we revolutionised the market for sports bikes with clipon mudguards. Today, we are regarded as pioneers for our inventions in the field of stand technology - including the steering damper – to the invention of the attachment- free, floating chain protection, the Chainglider.

We are happy to make our development team’s creativity and know-how available to you and offer innovations for your bicycle!

Not only our products explain what our company is about but also what we stand for and how we work!

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Mission statement

Our values and products

Tradition means trust - and that involves obligations. We attach huge importance to reliability, down-to-earth qualities and distinctive employee orientation, dealing with colleagues and our business partners in a cooperative manner. We monitor markets carefully to develop solutions and to set trends. The results are high-end and modern products, which combine function, design and durability.

Ecology & environment

It is very important to us to bear responsibility for the generations of today and tomorrow. We combine ecology, social responsibility and economy by becoming engaged in environmental projects, ensuring that we are fair when dealing with fellow human beings, handling resources responsibly and orienting our company management towards ecological aspects. We are committed and challenged to act in such a way, because we manufacture products for the most environmentally friendly and accessible means of transport: the bicycle.

What we offer our partners

The customer is at the heart of our activities. Financial independence and technical know-how are important prerequisites for the development of innovative products, which offer our customers real added value and strong partnership along the entire value chain. We want to grow and to promote cooperation in order to continue satisfying our customers’ requirements in future and to remain a reliable partner.

Code of Conduct

1 Human rights

The company Hebie GmbH & Co.KG as well as its business partners along the value chain observe internationally recognised human rights and act lawfully. The definition of human rights is based on the declaration of human rights issued by the United Nations in 1948.

2 Child labour

The company Hebie GmbH & Co.KG does not tolerate child labour. Hebie and all its business partners and suppliers act in compliance with the ILO Convention No. 138 (minimum age of admission to employment, 1973). Children below the age of 15 may not be employed or exploited. If national laws set a higher standard, this higher standard takes precedence.

3 Corruption

The company Hebie GmbH & Co.KG and all its business partners and suppliers do not tolerate any kind of corruption or other grey areas that contradict lawful order. Allowances of any kind that entail undue benefits and thus could have a positive impact on the business relationship may not be promised, offered or expected.

4 Health and safety

As an employer, the company Hebie GmbH & Co.KG and all its business partners along the value chain are committed to ensuring the health and safety of their employees in compliance with the relevant national regulations. This not only involves avoiding sources of danger, but also installing systems and regulations that follow a preventive approach and ensure the health and safety of the employees. This is primarily based on the ILO Convention No. 155 (Health & safety and work environment, 1981).

5 Environment

The company Hebie GmbH & Co.KG and all its business partners fulfil or even exceed the minimum statutory environmental protection requirements. In addition, we strive to use resources sustainably and to instil an environmental awareness in our workforce.

Our product groups

The widest stand range of the world from the most experienced stand expert of the world. A product range with solutions for any purpose and demand.


HEBIE developed its first clip-on mudguard more than 30 years ago. The number of available Hebie mudguards has multiplied since then. What remains is VIPER - the original.

Stay clean.

Hebie chainguards - the symbiosis of approved tradition and modern elegance. The Hebie chainguard range ensures that you will get the perfect chainguard for any bike.

Stay clean.

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Hebie makes your bike complete for over 100 years. In 1868 founded as a producer of cork parts, Hebie focused on the production of bike parts in 1910. Learn more about the history of Hebie...

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