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Chainguard CHAINGLIDER 359

359 - one-wing, self-supporting chainguard.

Stay clean.


The CHAINGLIDER has set a milestone in modern bike history with a visual and functional optimisation of clothing and gear protection.

The CHAINGLIDER open fits bicycles with hub gear or derailleur (Dual Drive).

  • for bicycles with single chain wheel with 38 or 42 teeth
  • für Räder mit Kettenspanner (z. B. Rohloff)
  • suitable for mounting with chain spanner (Rohloff)
  • suitable for hub gears, or combined hub gear/derailleur (e.g. SRAM Dual Drive or Shimano Intego, etc.)
  • self-supporting design
  • "floating" construction, no mounting parts needed
  • easy and fast mounting without tools
  • low-maintenance and comprehensive protection for clothing and gear
  • max. chain wheel width 3 mm
  • max. chain width 9 mm
  • prevents chain from jumping off

PDF-assembly instructions (please note that there are special requirements for use with CHAINGLIDER open)




0359 38 E1

CHAINGLIDER open 38 Zähne

0359 42 E1

CHAINGLIDER open 42 Zähne

  • VSF allride certification
  • extra light

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