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General remarks

Where can I buy Hebie products?

We at Hebie are a partner to specialist retailers, meaning that our products can be exclusively purchased via specialist retailers. Therefore please contact your trusted specialist retailer, who will help you with advice and guidance. Furthermore, soon we will be integrating a retailer search section on our website, so that you can quickly and easily find a specialist retailer near you.


Can the feet on the bipod stand be replaced?

The feet for most of our kickstands are available as spare parts. To dismantle pressed-on feet, place them in hot water. An open-ended spanner and a hammer can make disassembly easier. Also soften the new feet in hot water and then hammer them on.

The frame geometry of my Haibike does not allow me to mount the FIX18 (ArtNo.: 0633 E) directly on the KSA 18 mount. Does Hebie offer an adapter solution for this?

No, we do not offer an adapter solution. A special Haibike adapter solution is offered on the Internet (e.g.:, but we cannot make any statements about its stability.

Steering damper

What do I have to consider when mounting the steel brackets for the steering damper?

When mounting the steel bracket, make sure that the washer between screw and bracket is placed and fixed as well. The strength of the steel bracket can only be assured if a washer is used.

Do I need all the parts when mounting the steering damper?

Hebie is committed to dealing with the environment in a conscientious and sustainable way. We take care to produce as little waste as possible and therefore offer only a few sets of steering dampers with various components, which nevertheless provide the widest possible universal use. Therefore, it is feasible that supplied parts are not needed to mount a steering damper, in particular because of the huge variety of different frames.


The plastic block is missing in my steering damper set for direct fixing (0699 90). Why?

Attention - risk of mix-up! The plastic block for direct fixing (0699 90) is not part of the scope of delivery, but the plastic head for fixing the frame clip (0699 17) is included. These articles look very similar but have different functions.


How do I find out which Chainglider is the right one for my bicycle?

Go to page and open the menus PARTS and COMBINATIONS. This table will help you identify which Chainglider is compatible with your bicycle.

My Chainglider is making increased noices - What can I do?

If you hear more noise, first check the chain tension and clean and re-lubricate the inside of the Chainglider (commercially available chain sprays and dry lubricants are suitable for this). Caution: Do not lubricate the snap locks and make sure that all locks are fully engaged.

Which chain lubricant should I use for a Chainglider?

You do not need a specific lubricant for the Chainglider. Good results have been achieved with a dry film spray. Normal chain lubricants are also suitable. Take care that the lubricant is spread well and avoid or remove residues on the contact surfaces of the Chainglider. No more of the chain lubricant is used for a Chainglider than for a chain without a Chainglider.

Noise development on very uneven road surfaces (cobblestones, etc.) - Explanations and additional information!

The Chainglider offers the best protection for the drive chain with the slimmest appearance. The unique concept of "sliding" on the chain implies contact with it.

As a rule, drive chains are not given additional lubrication by the bicycle manufacturer after assembly, beyond the chain manufacturer's initial lubrication. Additional lubrication ex works is often also undesirable in order to avoid that every drop applied too much already contaminates the floor of new bicycles in the shop (drain hole in the Chainglider).

In the case of dry-mounted Chaingliders without any additional lubrication, rattling noises can occur if the road surface is very uneven.  A relatively viscous lubrication in the Chainglider dampens these noises excellently.

Hebie recommends bicycle manufacturers to apply a thin layer of grease during initial assembly or to apply viscous chain fluid grease through the oil hole in the Chainglider after assembly. A mix of viscous (grease) and somewhat thinner chain lubricants has also shown good results. At the latest during the initial inspection, sufficient chain care should take place, as the initial lubrication of the chain by the chain manufacturer has mainly preservative properties and is not designed for long running times.

With this and the all-round protection of the Chainglider, a significant increase in the service life of the drive is possible. This is also because moderate "stock lubrication" is possible in the Chainglider.

Maintenance intervals at which the Chainglider (and possibly the chain) should be cleaned internally and supplied with new lubricant depend in particular on the type and amount of dirt.

In any case, the protection, and thus the service life of the entire drive, is higher with a properly lubricated chain in connection with the Chainglider than with a chain that runs completely open and is directly exposed to all environmental influences.

The Chainglider is louder after a punctured tyre. Is that possible?

Please make sure that all locks are fully engaged and are sitting correctly. Check the rear part is not pushed too tightly into the front part. The Chainglider should sit loosely on the chain in all directions and not run under ‘tension’.

When should a Chainglider open be cleaned?

The Chainglider open must be cleaned more often because it is open. The Chainglider may become damaged if excessive dirt increases the resistance. Checks and possible cleaning should be in line with the regular chain maintenance interval. An exact period cannot be specified as the maintenance interval depends on individual cycling conditions (road surface, intensity of usage, weather and lubricant).

Can I mount the Chainglider on a bicycle with belt drive?

No, belt drives cannot be combined with the Chainglider for many reasons, but above all because of the width of the belts.  

Can i use the CHAINGLIDER for my E-Bike with Bosch generation 2 drive in combination with Rohloff Speedhub?

Yes, but you have to modify the CHAINGLIDER (Art.No.: 0350R B). Please use the linked file as template to cut the CHAINGLIDER. 

Steering damper

What do I have to consider when mounting the steel brackets for the steering damper?

When mounting the steel bracket, make sure that the washer between screw and bracket is placed and fixed as well. The strength of the steel bracket can only be assured if a washer is used.

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